Brooklyn ENY Crisis T.E.A.M

Mission for Youth

-Overcoming obstacles and making positive things happen.

-Provide leadership and inspiration through mentors, college visits, the arts and recreation and out of town tours

-Principles of equality, fair play and cooperation with in all aspects

-We hope to forge stronger relationships with Youth and the community

-Make sure their household is in tact from A-Z

Mission for Parents

-Make life easier and improve your relationship with your children

-Create Hopeful Family Solutions in Tough Economic Times

-Provide resources to help single parents with basic needs

-Strengthening parent involvement in their child school.

-Assist in paying for funeral expenses due to Violence non drug or Gang related .

“When everybody is gone we with you until the end”

Services at Large

-Provide assistants in funeral expenses working with City and State agencies

-Working with New York City Police Department to ensure a complete investigation of the Crime

-Connect with Elected Officials to co name streets after love one lost to estrange Violence

-Organize the Community Daily Patrols for missing persons cases

-Attend meetings and Court , Trial dates with Families

-Provide emergency assistant in shelter and food

-Develop Scholarships to keep Victims Legacy alive

-Create plans of action to deal with Media and other publications

-Work with Principals to improve Community Relations and identify solution to any problem the school is facing

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